How can you give at these prices?

Our minimum business, long term special price commitment with GoDaddy, give us price advantage , which we are passing to our customers.

Is your Registerd Company?


Our MSME Reg. No. is NTN02D0077391 and
our GSTIN is 33AHGPA8821L1ZE.

Can we choose our domain name?


You choose and let us know the domain name of choice. We will register it on your behalf on our special plan.

I already have an domain name?

No problem, we can transfer your current domain name to our special plan.

My website is up and running can I move to your plan?

Of course yes, but couple of things to be kept in mind:

  • It is best to wait for your current plan to expire and then move.
  • Do not worry, our is a long-term plan, let us know you are interested, we will remind you and move without any pain.
  • Only one-page website with no navigation will be moved or will be available after moving.

Who will maintain our website?

That is the peace of mind, we want to give you.

Your website will be running 24/7/365 on one of the world's best hosting platform, hence no downtime.

All you have to do is just pay per yearly and we will maintain it for you without any headache.

What if I want add pages and add more things?

Good, to see you grow. Well plans are targeted to catter specific needs. If your website as grown beyond the scope of the current plan, please feel free to choose the plan that suites your requirment.

Do you think, you need a customized plan, we are all yours, let us know what you want. Our experts will understand your requirement and deliver the best possible solution.

Do I get any Professional Business Email IDs ?

It varies from plan to plan, like starter plan has no emails on the other hand standard plan comes with 5 email IDs.

Can I buy Email IDs from you?

Certainly yes. Please visit Business email page.